Website Evaluation Tools – Website Graders, SEO Analysis and More

The following tools cover various aspects of website evaluations, from basic to advanced, from displaying properly in browsers to SEO ranking and more. Multiple tests for multiple tasks. Have fun!

Website Grader – evaluates over 50 different variables including search engine data, website structure, traffic, social media integration, inbound links, indexed pages, site performance and more. A great starting tool that gives an overall percentage grade out of 100%.

Qualidator – help improve your website with an evaluation of around 70 integrated tools that check your site’s usability, accessibility, SEO and quality. Another great overall analysis tool.

SEO Moz – a great place for targeted tools that measure individual items like: site crawlability, rank tracker, SEO tools and more

Lynx Viewer – See what search engines see. If your website has it’s main navigation or content embedded in an image, is flash based or other items that may prohibit search engines from crawling it, that may mean that search engines can’t rank your site, or may produce crawl errors. You will need to upload the provided delorie.htm or delorie.gif to your server in order to verify you are checking your own site.

CSS Validation – mostly all professionally developed websites are now constructed using CSS. It allows for faster page loading, consistency in the design, ease in navigation and usability, better for SEO.

Markup Validation – Check the markup validity of HTML, XHTML which provides capability with browsers, among other things.

Broken Link Check – broken links within a site can cause crawl errors when the search engine spiders come to your site.

Pingdom Tools – checks the loading time of your entire site and generates an analysis of total load time, CSS, Scripts, Images and other items found on the site. link tracking software

Spam Validator – this tool analyzes a webpage in search of possible triggers in which search engines could consider as spam. It is particularly looking for keyword stuffing, doorway farms and hidden text.

Browser Shots – checks how a website displays using 4 different operating systems with multiple browsers in old and new versions. A myriad of options for seeing how a site displays or if it shows errors.

Website Accessibility Tools – a great listing of links to tools to check for Section 508 Standards, WCAG, BITV, JIS and more.

While the above tools are more of a run once when you need it type tool, there are many other options available for ongoing traffic analytics and evaluation that may require you to install some coding into your site.

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