Using Wallpaper to Make Your Desktop Look Different

Simply put, wallpapers are attractive pictures, which can be applied to any desktop in order to make it a more active to the human eye. The use of wallpapers is not a new concept in fact, it has been around for a while, people use wallpapers to decorate their homes and make their environment more appealing, the same can be said about computer users, the computer wallpaper can be thought as a nice way to motivate the user’s work in such computer.

Computer wallpapers come in different sizes and formats, the size of the wallpaper is directly related to the resolution of the image, in other words, if the wallpaper is big, users with bigger displays will be able to use such wallpaper to decorate their background and not lose valuable details. Resolution is very important when it comes to wallpapers, wallpapers with great resolution will not be pixelated. When the user stretches the image in order to fit the background, some users will have a large screen, which needs to be filled with the team at a higher resolution, for instance a 1028X768 image may not be enough to cover your desktop if you have a widescreen monitor that operates at a much higher resolution, on the other hand, people with smaller screens will be able to enjoy a beautiful background picture on their desktop even if the wallpaper doesn’t have a great resolution.

While customizing a desktop is not a highly important task, some people will feel unproductive use in non-customized machines, because the system is simply not optimized for them. Computer users who are able to optimize their desktop and change the visual effects, in order to fit their personality will be able to perform tasks much better because they feel comfortable with the environment they have created, even if such environment is virtual in nature.

You have done some research regarding the way colors affect people then, you know that colors change what people are in, some say that the color blue can call people and make them more productive, others say that the color red energizes people who lack energy and color such as green will inspire those who lacked inspiration. Colors are perceived in many different ways around the globe, but we can all agree about the fact that colors affect us wait for another, so we cannot disregard the power of a good wallpaper.


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